About the Soul

In our quieter moments, we sense something. We sense that although the practicalities of life are important, there is more to life than making a living. There is something we cannot see, and cannot fully understand. We sense that we are connected to a Higher Power, and that our lives have meaning.

Which part of us senses the deeper aspects of life? Which part of us yearns for meaning?

It is the soul: the perfect, immutable, beautiful and unique ‘spark of G-d’ that each of us possesses. In Hebrew, the soul is called the neshamah, related to the word neshamah – breath – because it is breathed into us by G-d Himself. The neshamah is the essence of who we are.
The neshamah, the soul, is part of G-d. It lasts forever.  When a body dies, the soul moves on to Heaven. It basks in pure spirituality, a higher bliss than we can imagine, both a gift of G-d and a result of its good deeds in life. While we cannot communicate with those who have passed on, their spirit is with us always. Our souls will meet again, in the proper time.

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